Autor Tópico: Ensaios controlados aleatórios não baseados na teoria MTC são inadequados (Ing)  (Lida 1328 vezes)

Fevereiro 27, 2009, 14:47:07 pm
Lida 1328 vezes


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Estudos planeados com ensaios controlados aleatórios não baseados na teoria da Medicina Chinesa são inadequados

"Abstract (provisional)

Current biomedical research methods to evaluate the efficacy of Chinese medicine interventions are often conceptuality incompatible with the theory and clinical practice of Chinese Medicine. In this commentary, we (1) highlight the theory and principles underlying Chinese medicine clinical practice; (2) use ginseng as an example to describe clinical indications in Chinese medicine; (3) propose a framework guided by Chinese medicine theory for the evaluation of study designs in Chinese medicine research; and (4) evaluate 19 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials of ginseng. Our analysis indicates that all 19 trials with both positive and negative results confirm the specific effects of ginseng indicated by Chinese medicine theory. Study designs guided by Chinese medicine theory are necessary to validate and improve future randomized controlled clinical trials in Chinese medicine. "

Retirado daqui (com acesso livre ao artigo completo).
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